Friday, 13 April 2012

The Logies - Night of Nights...

Its upon us - Australian TV’s night of nights – the Logies.

Its always a great event full of the very things that makes Aussie TV so great. The presenter's career dying on stage with every missed joke. Daryl Somers reportedly accepting Dancing With the Star’s Logie and disappearing out the back door with it, never to be seen again. Organisers trying to ban mobile phones to stop the audience tweeting about how tragic the ceremony is. The confused international guests. What will 2012 bring?

The nominees for the Gold Logie are unsurprisingly strange. This year it seems you don’t even have to be on TV to get a nomination. 

Here are my thoughts on this unlikely band of nominees...

Esther Anderson
Had to Google this one and I still don't know who she is. Apparently from Home and Away. Is that show still on TV? Is Mr Fisher still the grumpy School Principal? Do they still go to Yabbie Creek for a taste of the big smoke?  

I assume she's the resident hot chick on Home and Away and will soon look to the States to pursue her career. And then will end up on Packed to the Rafters.

Wow. Aren't the Logies a TV award? Now he is DEFINITELY not on TV. The only thing that springs to mind is that debacle of a show, Hamish & Hamish's Gap Year. A show which got cancelled after a few weeks because it was painfully terrible and no one watched it.

And what of his old mate Andy? How can Hamish be nominated for the Gold Logie and the Most Popular Presenter Silver Logie, and Andy gets nothing? I'm not saying that Andy is deserving of recognition, but how can Hamish be nominated and not Andy when they are EXACTLY THE SAME?

In other news, Andy has been spotted shirtless and drunk at a suburban TAB ranting about how Hamish "Thinks he's better than me" and yelling incoherently about previously dating a Supermodel but now living under a bridge.

Karl Stefanovic
What can be said about this guy? We've all showed up to work in the morning still plastered after a big night of drinking the previous night. And Karl did it on TV, got told to take a few days off and came back bigger and more popular than ever. He even won the Gold Logie last year. You can't deny that!

Carrie Bickmore
Oh God, please don't let her win. How can she be rewarded for the rubbish she spits out on TV? Her yammering on about her bloody kid all the time is mind numbing. "I'm a Mum", "My child", "As a mother" are all you hear from her. How she manages to work herself and her child into every conversation on her show is about the only talent she has. Does anyone like her? Anyone at all? 

And in the rare moments that she isn't talking about herself or her kid, the uninformed drivel that she spouts shows a complete lack of knowledge or  interest that is inexcusable on a current affairs show, even if it is supposed to be light hearted. If you watch closely you can see the other panelists cringe every time she opens her mouth.

Asher Keddie
Asher Keddie and Carrie Bickmore are pretty much the same person. I can't tell the difference. And neither can Google Images.

I have no idea if Asher’s acting is any good, but her clich├ęd show is a misguided attempt at inner city life and does not warrant any kind of award. How can you have a believable show about a character who can't get her life together when she lives in one of Melbourne’s most desirable and expensive suburbs, has a well paid and highly skilled profession, and is clearly smart, successful and good looking. Its not convincing in any way.

Adam Hills
The professional of the group. I've seen a few of his interviews, and its clear he takes himself, his show, his audience and his guests seriously enough to do some research and ask some good questions. He's able to have a rapport with his guests that the other nominees in this group who are graduates of the Rove School of Interviewing (Hamish & Bickmore) could only dream of.

In the very least, he deserves credit for starting out on the ground floor appearing in burger ads, and rising to the heights of Gold Logie nomination!

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