Monday, 30 January 2012

Please Marry My Boy So This Show Can Be Axed

Looks like Channel 7 is dishing up a real winner tonight.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse than that 'Dinner Date' show with the French chef,  Channel 7 brings us "Please Marry My Boy".  This will reach depths of awful not seen since "Shopping for Love" graced our screens.  What makes this potentially even worse, is that Please Marry My Boy is on prime time! Does channel 7 actually think this will rate? Who thought of this?

And these will be the ugliest
ratings channel 7 has ever seen

It will be hosted by Ada Nicodemou in a move of career suicide.  She has clearly been photographed in an awkward position by channel 7 execs to agree to do this show.  But lets hope that she keeps them to their word not to release the photos, because this show won't even make one episode.  If anyone has any sense, they'll pull it half way and ask channel 9 for a repeat of Two and Half Men.  Failing that, a blank screen with the soundtrack of the shrieking of the women's tennis final would be an improvement.

Who will call time on this terrible show?
So many questions rage with this show.  Who approved it in the channel 7 boardroom?  Which loser guys will go on it? Will any of the women be looking for love, and not to promote their 'careers' as promotions models?

Can anything save Australian tv after this assault to common sense? Or could we go even lower?

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