Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Twitter Quitter

What is it with sports coverage and Twitter?

It seems you can't watch a minute of the footy on channel 7 without Luke D'Arcy blabbering on about 'receiving' a tweet from bigdog44 about the last goal. They also got into it in the cricket commentary this summer. And again with the 'I've received a tweet'. Do these commentators not understand how Twitter works? Do they think that all tweets on their Twitter feed are for their eyes only? That they in a privileged position where only they can read tweets to the masses who are desperate for any hint of what is happening on Twitter? Do they ever consider commentating the game, rather than reading their Twitter feeds?

The big news was taken to another level today in The Age with news of the Aussie cricket coach quitting the team...

Oh hold up. 

Twitter? He quit TWITTER?

Not ONE, not TWO, but THREE headlines about a sports coach quitting Twitter? Woah, What will he do do now? Did he think about this? What will Aussie cricket do now? What will Twitter do now? And what will Luke D'Arcy and the other commentators do? 

Where were you 7 hours ago on 19 March 2013?
Geez, if someone quitting Twitter warrants three headlines, imagine what would happen if he quit Facebook! 

Is this news? Is this the high school play ground? Whats next?

O. M. G. He. Quit. Twitter. Seriously.

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