Monday, 12 November 2012

No Angel

I've always liked Melissa George...

MG at the 2012 BAFTAs. 2012, not
 1994, nothing to do with H&A.
She's always had something that most of her peers in the Aussie TV game just don't have. Mostly its talent. Starting on Home & Away, she had all the potential to run the predictable route of bouncing from show to show before ending up on All Saints. But instead, she broke the shackles of the Aussie Police and Hospital drama circuit for bigger and better things overseas. Her beginnings on H&A are a distant memory.

So this week, Melissa found herself back on Channel 7's The Morning Show to promote her latest project, 'Hunted'. Only someone forgot to tell Channel 7 why she was there, and seeing a golden opportunity for some shameless self promotion, they decided to ignore most of her career and focus on her time on H&A, even though Angel left Summer Bay 16 years ago. And MG was p!ssed, and rightly so. I would be too if I was introduced as myself from 20 years ago: "And here is some dorky kid who wears ill fitting Cross Colours Skivvies and who got rejected by the girl at the Blue Light Disco on the weekend because he sneezed and tripped over while talking to her".

Melissa could have returned fire to Larry Emdur for the Price Is Right, but that wouldn't have hit the mark, as he is still very much living those glory days of 20 years ago. So instead of suffering the fools at Channel 7, she's let them know what she thinks:

"Now, it's because it's Channel Seven, so my next call will be to Home and Away to ask them to pay me because nobody does more promotion for that f---ing show than me."'

I love this woman!

Its refreshing to hear someone break rank form the normal rubbish of playing down every achievement, and playing the humble Aussie battler card. God forbid she's successful overseas. Why should she have to talk only of her experience in the local TV industry? It seems more and more that all variety TV is just a promo for the network's crap shows, at the expense of discussing anything topical. Hello The Project, and all the Sunday night current affairs shows.

''I've never spoken out about it because I have to be the loyal good Aussie, who goes away and comes home. But I'm a really hard-working woman and people have to respect me for what I've done,''

Isn't there plenty of other stuff in her career to talk about - Alias, Friends and Grey's Anatomy, to name a few? Much bigger feathers in her cap than H&A. And of course there's no forgetting that she was in one of the most brilliant and best films ever… Dark City

Would anyone want to hear Kylie talk only of her time on the Henderson Kids at the expense of her 25 year music career? Instead of celebrating the successes that sporting superstars have had at the top level, does anyone only want to know about their achievements in the under 10's?

''I don't need credibility from my country any more, I just need them all to be quiet. If they have nothing intelligent to say, please don't speak to me any more. I'd rather be having a croissant and a little espresso in Paris or walking my French bulldog in New York City”

You and me both MG!

I like Melissa George even more now!

Check out the article here:

And just for the memories, The Henderson Kids...

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