Friday, 19 October 2012

Thanks My Friend

Sometimes I’m asked why started this Blog…

I seem to have many (generally one sided) in-depth conversations about the TV and celeb world, and these conversations seamlessly write themselves into my blog posts. And mostly, the key instigator and partner in these conversations has been my good friend PT.  Hours were spent at the lunchtime table discussing all manner of trashy TV, at the expense of getting work done. With brilliant humour, impeccable timing and limitless knowledge, PT had the back story to every D Grade celeb, and nothing happened in the entertainment world which went unnoticed by Pete. From the Brownlow red carpet misses, to hopelessly unknown ARIA nominees, to any other talentless hack that made the news, hours have been spent discussing and laughing about it all.

We also started a List of our favourite tragic D Grade celebs, and number one was PT’s favourite, Rhonda Burchmore. And over the years, the List grew like a perpetual machine, with celebs seemingly throwing themselves into D Grade infamy for unanimous entry onto the List. Almost every Aussie celeb I’ve mentioned in my posts has come from this illustrations and infamous List. The List remains unfinished, and I’ll continue to add names as more celebs reach the level of lame required to hit D Grade status.

Last year PT had got around to starting his own blog, and suggested I should start one too. And last October while I was moving houses, I stayed at PT’s place to mind his cat Rufus, while he was on holidays to New York City. And it was at that time, while watching PT’s Foxtel, that observationinc was born!

I’ll really miss the conversations with PT about the entertainment world, the List, and everything else. PT, I hope that wherever you are you can still read my blog - I’ll be looking out on my audience stats for you.  One of the last things you said to me was that we would catch up again. I look forward to it – There’ll be much to discuss!

PT, thanks for your friendship and inspiration, and a lifetime of laughs. Here is one last look at one of your favourite TV moments...

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