Monday, 18 June 2012

The Age of Blatant Advertising

Someone at The Age must have lost a bet to their mate at Colliers.

If you though that Gen Y City Office fluff piece they dished up a few days back in The Age was advertising masquerading as a pointless article, then this one will knock your socks off. Now they are trying to claim that Gen Y are making Richmond THE place to work, and somehow pass it off as news. 
Gravitational pull of Richmond a generational thing

In a time that the housing market is going down, and one walk down Bridge Road will show that half the shops are closing down, this piece of advertising is somehow trying to report on a real estate boom, and that Richmond is SUDDENLY NOW a THE place to work. And they are somehow trying to claim that Gen Y has something to do with it? I wonder if its any coincidence that the 'expert' in this article works for a real estate firm based in East Melbourne, which its pretty safe to assume would have Richmond as a sales territory.

It seems these days all you need to do is mention Gen Y, Facebook or texting, and suddenly you've got a newsworthy article! First Gen Y made companies have funky city offices with Fun Spaces, and now it seems they are making companies move to Richmond!

This article about nothing dishes out all the greatest hits cliches from the Real Estate sales handbook, including these pearls:

"undoubtedly the most popular metropolitan office precinct in the current market"

"Existing Richmond tenants were highly unlikely to move out of the suburb"

It then goes on to bang on about 'vacancy rates', 'rental growth' and 'net absorption'

All that's missing is the silver BMW and cheesy smiles and you could have wondered into a real-estate agent after reading this article.

Even this article's apparent 'facts' are wrong. One of the companies they claim has just moved into Richmond has been there for over three years. And not to mention that Richmond has had plenty of offices for years, since back when Gen Y's only trips to Richmond were school excursions to the MCG.

Richmond has been home the the textiles and clothing industry and their offices for over 100 years. Nothing to do with Gen Y, it was because they could use the Yarra for all their chemical waste (the good old days).

And after listing some other companies in Richmond, and their office address, the article just ends!! They didn't even try to wrap it up!

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Good point. What the hell have Gen Y got to do with anything mentioned in that article?

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