Thursday, 31 May 2012

World News: Bear in a Californian Pool

Finally, after all this unimportant news about the European economy and Syria, we get some real international news as only we in Aus can have it...

The annual story about a bear in Californian pool.

Just as the druids ushered in the changing of the seasons by the solstice, we in Aus can welcome the start of the northern hemisphere summer, and our winter, when we see the first bear in Californian pool news story of the season...

This is always a hugely anticipated story, and this one was right on schedule - May 30, two days before the start of winter. How many more stories of bears in pools are their going to be this year?!

And of course this story has had all the great one-liners about a "cool bear" and "chilling out", but none better than this gold from

'It appears the hot weather was "un-bearable" for one hairy fella'

Ah yes, its just not winter in Aus unless there's a bear-in-Californian-pool story. So dust off your jacket, gloves and umbrella; forget what daylight looks like; stock up on cold & flu tablets; and plan your weekend away in Queensland - winter has arrived.

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